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The administration instructions you get when you sign up tell you where to access these setup options and how to retrieve your orders.

Kart Setup Configuration:
  Your Domain Info  
  Kart Language  
  Mailing List  
  Credit Card Processing  
  Popup Notices  
  Work Orders  
  Order Notices  
  Electronic Delivery  
  Sales Tax  
  Other Tax  
  Shipping Options  
  Add Handling Charge  
  Add Insurance  
  ID Required  
  Use Invoice Numbers  
  Kart Page Color Selection  
  Kart Button Image selection  

Your Domain Info:

Your Domain = Your Domain name without the http://
Home = Where the kart should go if the "returnhere" is missing or after the payment has been made.

Subfolder is not an entry item. It is for your information. While it is usually the same as your domain it doesn't have to be.

Your Company name, address, city, state, zip and phone number are required for email, receipts, workorders and general contact info for your customers. If you have a merchant account, this should match the name on the merchant account because the name on the merchant account is what shows on your customer's statement. If the company name on your site is different than the name on your merchant account, this leads to chargebacks because your customer doesn't recognize the company name on the transaction. You can add a large notice on the kart that a different company name will show on their statements, but unless it is impossible to miss it, you can count on some of your customers not reading it.

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Kart Language:

Currently, the cart is in English or Spanish. Other languages may be added in the future. Each installation of the kart can only use one language. It can be either one, but not both.

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Mailing List:

You need to tell the cart whether or not to keep the email addresses of your customers. Most people want this, but some get the email addresses from the orders and post them to a third party mailing service along with what was ordered. This option keeps all names and not what was ordered.

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Ecommerce Credit Card Processing:

The cart supports automatic charges for ECHO, Skipjack and Authorize.net. Any other merchant account can be used but orders must be processed manually. There is a very good reason for doing this in any case. Many fraudulent card orders are obvious when a person looks at it. Say for example, you get an order for 10 cell phones to be delivered to Bulgaria. A person would recognize this as likely to be fraudulent but if the order was automatically processed, it might not be caught.

The cart has an option to require all out-of-country orders to go through PayPal. We recommend that every merchant have a PayPal Standard account for this. PayPal will protect you from fraudulent purchases up to $5,000 in a year. No other merchant account does this. Since most fraudulent orders come from out of the country, this makes very good sense.

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Pay Pal:

PayPal is probably the largest payment processor in the world. There are millions of people who use it. If you do have a PayPal Standard account in addition to your merchant account, these people can easily pay for their purchases. The number of accounts and size of the organization isn't all good. Over the years, they have alienated a lot of people and their payment screens aren't logical to a lot of customers who are experiencing PayPal for the first time. Our statistics show that 40% of the people sent to PayPal never complete the payment process. While it is good to have it, a separate merchant account is needed.

If you have a PayPal account, the cart needs to know your login email address and what you want the item to say when people get there. The cart only sends the order total off to them for payment. This means that you cannot use their tax or shipping calculation options. Our Shopping Kart does a much better job than they do anyway.

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Popup Notices:

There are many merchants who don't like the way most shopping carts require you to go to the cart and look at what you just put in the cart before going on to order other items. If you say yes to the popup option, when someone adds an item to the cart, a simple popup appears that says the item was added and doesn't take them to the cart to look at it. Most popup blockers allow this screen. We haven't seen one yet that blocks them. However, some popup blocker may do it. Say no to popups and your customers will be taken to look at the cart every time an item is added.

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Work Orders:

If you have a shipping department you will probably want to print work orders. They give all the shipping information and what to ship but whithhold the payment information like card numbers. These work orders can be configured to be packing slips if you wish. They are completely designable to suit your needs. The kart comes with a standard workorder, a work order for use when the customer pays with a credit card, a workorder for when the customer pays with a gift certificate and one for purchase orders. Each of these are customizable, but there ia also a custom workorder as well.

There are workorder options to email them, and to double space them.

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Order Notices:

You can specify up to 3 people who get the orders emailed to them. If you need more, we can accomodate it with a work around.

You can also separately get notified when a customer adds something to the kart. As there are usually more people who add items to the kart than actually checkout, you can track this difference. Because they haven't entered any contact information at this point there is no way to contact them to find out why they didn't checkout.

The kart screen has an option for feedback at this point. Of the people who have responded, most of them were just checking to see how much shipping and handling charges are. If you have an include that displays your shipping and handling charges on every page, the checkout rate is much better.

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Electronic Delivery:

If you sell items for download, you can specify how long the customer has to do the downloading. A common time limit is 30 days. If the item hasn't been downloaded within that time, the customer has to contact you to allow it.

You can also specify how many attempts at downloading the customer has. If you are selling an item that has a large file and the customer has a dial-up connection, it may require more than one attempt. You can set this number to whatever you wish.

You upload your files to the kart. They are stored in a secure place in the kart where they are not accessible from the web. When a percon orders one, they are given a link for the download on the receipt that is emailed to him or her. This link is only activated if payment has been made. If the order is being paid by mail in check, Purchase Order, Echeck or Gift Certificate, you must manually activate the download link to allow the download. If the person pays with PayPal Standard, the kart is notified by PayPal when the payment has been made and it automatically activates the link.

Our expericence has shown that sometimes, these notifications never arrive back at the kart and you will need to manually activate the link after checking to see that the payment was made.

If the receipt with the download link was lost, you can manually resend the receipt.

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Sales Tax:

You enter the taxing state and the percentage. The kart does not charge sales tax on items delivered out of state. We realize that some states want you to collect sales tax and send it to them, but unless you have a physical presence in that state, this is 100% optional. We may add multi-state sales tax later, but right now, it is for one state only.

Some states charge sales tax on shipping, handling and insurance. Each of these can individually be specified as taxable.

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Other Tax:

The setup allows excise or another tax and asks for the excise tax rate. Excise tax is charged on some fishing and hunting gear. Each item will have an excise tax prefix for the sku. At tis time it has not been implemented.

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Shipping Options:

Shipping is wthout a doubt the most convoluted part of the kart. Most, but not all shipping option requests over the years have been accomodated.

Free Shipping overrides all other shipping options no matter how they have been selected.

Flat Rate Shipping assigns a single flat rate to the shipment and overrides all except Free Shipping.

Per Item Shipping This is similar to Flat Rate Shipping but there can be a charge set for the 1st item and a different price set for additional items.

Free Shipping Over sets free shipping over a dollar amount. When the dollar amount has been reached, it overrides all other shipping options.

Shipping By Weight requires that the weight in ounces has been setup on the website pages.

Use Package Weight Chart allows you to add estimated packaging weights to the total shipment weight.

UPS online uses the program interface to their calcalator to determine current shipping costs. The kart assumes you are using a regular pickup and are shipping to mostly residences. You must have a UPS account to use this option. Shipping By Weight is also required.

Use Shipping Chart is for more complex calculations than these others. It is a programming interface to the kart that allows custom programming. The only variables that are available are order_total, order_weight, item_count, taxable_item_amount, electronic_delivery_count, shipto_state, shipto_country, and shipto_zip.

No Shipping Charge For Gift Certificates is used when the gift certificates are delivered as eloctronic delivery items.

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Add Handling Charge uses a handling chart similar to the shipping chart. It allows programming. There are pre-programmed examples that work for most companies.

Add Insurance uses an insurance chart similar to the shipping chart. It allows programming. There are pre-programmed examples that work for most companies.

ID Required activates the ID required item checking. See the usage instructions for using it.

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Use Invoice Numbers is for adding sequential invoice numbers to the program generated unique identifier for orders. If you decide to use this, you specify the starting number.

Kart Page Color Selection Each kart page has programmable colors similar to css but different. You can only specify the page background color, the table background color the border color and the color of the dark color lines that require white type.

Kart Button Image selection allows you to choose from pre-made buttons or to use your own.

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