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It is important to note that you do not need to change hosting companies to use the Kart.

It does not matter where you are hosted. This kart works with any host that puts your site on the web.

It also doesn't matter what program you use to create your site.

We host the Kart itself,
you just link to it.

  SCS Kart is an SCS Product. Scott Creative Services, Inc. also provides website design, optimization and hosting.

If you want a well designed
site that can be found on
the search engines they
will be happy to help you.

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SCS Inc.



No installation required. The cart is hosted here and you link to it. You configure it here and get your orders here. You add simple code to your pages to make it work. The shopping cart will work with any site.

If you are serious about search engine optimization (SEO), you know that you have to do everything you can to keep your site ranked, and to continue to improve your rankings. The products you sell are the very things you want to be ranked on. How silly is it, only for simplicity of use, to have a database driven shopping cart that "locks up" your data, not allowing you to be ranked on your products. "Simple" cannot drive your decisions for optimizing.

First, static pages are the obvious choice if you want your products to be ranked on the internet.

The second aspect of the shopping cart has to do with the ability to design your pages. If you have a database driven cart that creates static pages, then all of your pages look the same. You need the flexibility to have good, high-powered design to advertise your products, without being limited by your shopping cart.

Third, you do not want to sacrifice the power of your shopping cart to accomodate your need for SEO. This cart software is powerful, and has very sophisticated features to accomodate your business. It is true that it has a short learning curve. We would not rate this as a "no-brainer"; however, it definitly falls into "simple-use", incorporating many customizable options.
Our Shopping Kart
Add to cart from any of your sites and checkout once. Only pay for shipping one time.
  For People Serious About SEO  
  Uses your website's existing static html Pages: No database  
  Orders are SECURE  
  Similar to PayPal, but with more options, and doesn't mess up, "stretch" your page layouts.  
  100% creative control over
page design
  Simple, on-page configuration  


All product configurations are made on static pages.

Every page has its own optimization.
!! Turn your SEO department onto this one - because it gives you the best format for optimizing.


Don't let your shopping cart dictate your website's design. With Our Shopping Kart you have complete control over the design/layout of your site's pages, and the cart itself. You can incorporate the cart into your existing site, without "stretching" your pages like to many other carts.

- Read Our Shopping Kart's features. >

And, what we don't hide, read what Our Shopping Kart doesn't do. >

Read both to find out if our Kart will do the job you need.


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